Rob Laumen

Independent English to Dutch translator focusing on IT and legal texts

Does your company have global ambitions? Do you want your website or app localised or do you have any documents that need to be translated from English into Dutch? I have been working as a translator for satisfied customers for over 20 years, covering a wide range of subjects. How can I help you?

About me

My name is Rob Laumen and I am a qualified translator. I started working as a freelance translator, localiser, reviewer and proofreader in 1999 for clients in the Netherlands and abroad, and I have been doing so ever since. I only translate professionally from English into Dutch, my native language. Although my primary fields of expertise are IT and legal, my educational background, experience and broad interests let me take on translation and revision tasks in other fields too.

Using modern CAT (Computer Assisted Translation) tools not only lets me work faster and more efficiently but also helps me build customer-specific translation memories and ensure terminological consistency. In addition, I can handle various file types and use advanced quality assurance (QA) features.



… involves more than just substituting words from one language into another. Getting your message across as intended is paramount. To connect with your target audience, a translation must not only stay true to the register of the original text but also reflect your organisation’s tone of voice. Creativity and expert knowledge of the subject at hand are just as important as linguistic knowledge.


… goes beyond translation. A short definition of localisation is adapting a product to the linguistic, cultural and other requirements of a specific local market. These days, more and more companies are having their websites, blogs, games and mobile apps localised.


… by a second pair of eyes is absolutely recommended when you have written or translated a text yourself. If you are not sure whether your text is linguistically correct, I’d be happy to dot the i’s and cross the t’s for you. Proofreading your print-ready (PDF) documents as a last check is something I will also gladly take off your hands.

What do others say?

Of course you could take my word for it, but what do others have to say about working with me? You will find a couple of testimonials below that some of my clients have left on my LinkedIn profile.

Referenties van Rob Laumen

Eugène Bisscheroux, owner,
Bisscheroux Text & Translation Agency:

“Since I started working with Rob Laumen – which I guess was back in around 1999 – we’ve tackled several large translation projects together. As I remember it, Rob always turned out to be a reliable partner who was always open to consultation and who met his deadlines punctually.”

Referenties van Rob Laumen

Guus Visser, owner,
Vitext Translation & Consultancy:

“In the ten years I’ve known Rob, he has become a favourite standard fixture in our team of translators. We aim for the same high level of quality, so I don’t have to worry about that, with effective no-nonsense communication – and sometimes a pleasant chat – to make sure that the cooperation runs smoothly.”

Referenties van Rob Laumen

Herbert Eppel, owner,
HE Translations:

“I have known Rob for 20 years in the context of several translation-related forums, in which he is an active contributor. Rob’s contributions in these forums have always stood out through their helpfulness and professionalism. Since 2019 Rob has also done a number of English to Dutch translation assignments for HE Translations, all of which were completed in a very meticulous and highly professional manner.”

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